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Saturday, 26 July 2014

7 Things We Learnt From Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania

  At least from what we managed to make of it, when Varun’s bulging biceps weren’t hogging three-fourths of the frame. 

So you’ve watched Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania and written it off as a frivolous romcom? Tsk tsk. The movie has a wealth of life lessons in store, that’ll open your eyes and change the way you look at the universe forever. If you missed the true essence of HSKD, here’s a quick recap of the seven invaluable life lessons we learned from this masterpiece: 

That Bollywood will never run out of DDLJ tributes.
Know what would make for the best ever tribute to this 90s classic? Leaving it the hell alone! Call us when you manage to get the magical duo of Kajol & SRK together again.

That Dharma Productions will never run out of gay jokes.
Again, we repeat, know what would help show solidarity for the entire LGBT community at large? Go ahead, read our mind.

That Alia Bhatt has been watching too many reruns of Jab We Met.
It’s like someone injected a shot of Geet’s brand of bubbliness directly into her system. Either that, or she got high each day before the shoot – All in the interest of method acting, of course.

That average middle class guys have muscles like three Salman Khans put together.
We aren’t saying that all middle class guys don’t look like they’ve spent the past decade in the gym using John Abraham for dumbbells. All we are saying is that if we ever met one actually in real life, we’d be more likely to believe that.

That weddings are incomplete without fight sequences.
Do remind us again what sort of family has a posse of goons at their command these days? It’s the twenty first century; if you really do want to kill someone, spamming them with eight Candy Crush requests per minute is the way to go.

That people update their marital status on Facebook mid-phera.
What next? Mowing your grass in the shape of the words ‘Newly Married’ on Farmville before the bidaai?

That lehengas are the most important part of the wedding.
A Manish Malhotra one, at that. Accept money from random strangers, get into bed with them, if you will but get one or die trying. Honestly, if Manish Malhotra lehengas were all it took for a girl to say yes for marriage, KRK wouldn’t be single.

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